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Showdown in Budapest Vol 2

Here are four more matches from the DWW Summer Event in Hungary, 2002.

Grace (5’5”, 141 pounds) wrestles the beautiful blonde Czech Luzia (5’5”, 134 pounds) in this tape’s first match. Czech women wrestle in school as part of physical education; clearly this pretty young wrestler was paying attention in class!

Amy O. (5’3”, 121 pounds) tackles a DWW favorite, slender blonde Eva, (5’5”, 119 pounds) and has a “reality Czech” of her own! Little Eva is very sure of herself, and with good reason.

Grace braves an encounter with Daniela in the third match. Daniela weighs in at 154 pounds and stands 5’8”-it’s a brave Grace who gets in the ring with her at all. To everybody’s surprise this tough, competitive match yields some of the most erotic footage of the wrestling event.

Finally Grace meets the plucky Frenchwoman Fatou (5’3”, 134 pounds) for the most satisfying match of Grace’s Hungarian weekend. Very fast, very dramatic-this match makes us want to see more of this dark skinned European.

Six women from three countries fight in this hour-long wrestling spectacular!

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