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Showdown in Budapest Vol. 1

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This is the stuff great dreams are made of-competitive wrestling, oil wrestling, mud wrestling, mixed wrestling, catfights, extreme fights, boxing-if you don’t see something you like at this event you’re not a fan of women’s combat. It’s the DWW’s Live Summer Event, held annually in Hungary. In August of 2002 Video Sports Ltd. was there with wrestlers Amy O. (5’3”, 121 pounds) and Grace (5’5”, 141 pounds). Here are 3 of the 7 events these women wrestled in.

In V080 Amy O. takes on Anne (5’3”, 114 pounds) of Belgium in a 20 minute match. Ann is a boxer of Korean descent who trains with Beatrice Goffin; she is a formidable technician and lightning fast. But Amy hails from the Virago camp in San Francisco and is no stranger to the mats herself. Strong competition from two well matched opponents!

Next up is a DWW variety matchup-Fatou (5’3”, 134 pounds)-a Frenchwoman of African descent-and Grace (5’5”, 141 pounds) take on the Czech giant Tiffany in a quasi-tag team event. Tiffany stands 5’10” feet tall, weighs 161 pounds, and is a member of the Czech National Rowing Team. The terms of the match are that she take on each opponent one at a time, and the rotation comes only after a fall. The results of this 25 minute battle are surprising and entertaining.

Match 3 on this tape throws Amy into the ring with a Black Sea Amazon from the Ukraine. Svetlana is 5’5” and weighs 123 pounds, and sports a black eye from an earlier extreme fight. The Black Sea Amazons are the most intimidating fighters on the girlfight scene today, and little Amy acquits herself nicely in 15 minutes of intense competition.

More than an hour of international rivalry and tough topless wrestling on the mats!

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