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Here is what Tricia had to say about this:

Cruel Carla and I were rummaging through my storage bin a couple of weeks ago and came across a rare find: a videotape of our first wrestling match. Actually it was a tournament - a topless tournament, at that. It featured me (as "Tiffany,") Carla, Teala, and Barbara. We were all lightweights, weighing in at 107 pounds.

Three of us are left alive. We called up Teala and invited her over to watch old movies. This video was so good and we had so much fun watching it that they turned to me to ask why it had never been released. This took some thought.

For one, it was topless. Video Sports Ltd. had a policy in its younger days of keeping tops on to "legitimize" the wrestling, to avoid the appearance of "fluff."

If this is fluff it is the sweatiest, bloodiest, most painful fluff I've ever seen.

For another, it was not "professionally" produced and edited.

Yes, but it was shot with love. The videographer was a man who loved wrestling, shooting a private commission for a man who craved extreme competition. There are moments of soft focus and electronic glitches, but this is extreme competition. For brief moments our faces are blue and our hair is green, but our bodies glow with the sweat that drenches them, and you can see that just fine.

Oh, and we had bluffed our way into this tournament - we had never wrestled a day in our lives. Which must be why we fought like crazed animals, with no strategies or plans or skills. We had nothing going for us but muscle and energy and an insane will to win.

Carla, Teala, and I knew this was an historical moment, and we set up a camera to document the viewing of our first fight. It was a little like taping the opening of the Titanic's safe, only better looking. A hour later I asked them: What do you think we ought to do with this? And they said: "RELEASE IT!"

We put together a video within a video - the three of us providing commentary from our perspective in 1999, and our first topless wrestling tournament from August of 1985.

Treat yourself to 55 minutes of raw energy and young muscle in the ring!

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