V 062
Cassie vs Vanessa/Bruce

Ever wonder who answers those ads in AmFem--couple seeks woman to wrestle--willing to travel? Cassie and her significant other met up with an Australian couple traveling around the world for a friendly get together on the mats. Well sure, Cassie had gained 20 lbs since she ran the ad, and yes she had the edge in experience, but both women wanted to wrestle. Cassies videographer/mate taped the match for us, and Vanessa's Canadian born boyfriend cheered from the sidelines--until he challenged Cassie and got drawn in for a quick tussle himself. This is a good tape to show your wife or girlfriend when you are proposing a similar event. No nudity.

Cassie--5' 10", 150 lbs       Vanessa--5' 8", 130 lbs



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