Beatrice Goffin vs Lynn-Marie-Wrestling

In the summer of 1987 one of Europe's most respected women wrestlers toured the United States, coaching amateurs and challenging more seasoned athletes to matches. In 1982 Beatrice Goffin won the first European Women's Wrestling Championship. In 1986 she ranked second in the world in the women's 60 kilo class. Her strength is impressive, particularly her thighs and their deadly scissors but her mastery of wrestling technique and strategy have made her legendary in the world of womens wrestling.

In July we invited her to go three rounds with Lynn-Marie in the Video Sports Ltd. ring. The end product is a fourty five minute tape unlike anything we've been able to offer in the past. V008 pits the voluptuous American veteran, with her superior height and weight and unbounded will to win, against the Belgian Champion, armed with technical expertise finely honed during her ten year reign over Europe's mats.

Beatrice    Lynn-Marie

Beatrice    Lynn-Marie


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